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Testing Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Different tests require different procedures. For information regarding registration for a specific test, visit our Testing Services page, and click on the test you are interested in. Registration procedures are specified for every test we give. If you can’t find what you are looking for, call 898-2863, and our staff will answer your questions.

Test fees vary widely, as does method of payment. For more information regarding fees and how to pay for a specific test, visit Testing Services in Keathley University Center, Room 107 or call 615-898-2863.

If you are unsure which tests you require, contact the Licensure Office in the MTSU Education Department at 898-2874, or contact the State of Tennessee’s licensing office at 615-532-4880 (or the appropriate state if you plan to be licensed out of state), or check the Praxis web site which lists the licensing requirements for all states that require the Praxis series.

A complete list of courses for which you can receive credit by passing the associated CLEP is on the CLEP page.

Almost everyone who must take the GRE will have to take the general; some will have to take a subject test in addition. The Graduate Office at the university you wish to attend will have the requirements for the various schools within the university. Specific test requirements should also be listed in the university’s graduate catalog. The GRE general test is available in computer based format only, and only through Sylvan Learning Centers; the subject tests are given in paper and pencil and are available through MTSU.

Almost always, if it is a national test ( ACT, GRE, GMAT, PRAXIS, etc.), but probably not if it is a local test (ACT Comps, AAPP/Compass). It is up to the test taker however to ensure they are taking the appropriate test; this is especially true for CLEP. For national tests, locations are specified in the test bulletin or at the testing company’s web site. Local test information is provided by the entity requiring the test.

See the appropriate test page at this web site. If you still have questions, call 615-898-2863 and our staff will assist.

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